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Advaith Doosa


My go-to stack right now is Node for the backend and React for the frontend. I also use python based on my requirements (data analysis, scripting etc)

I've built a set of boilerplates to quickly kickstart a project.

Update (September 2020)

Since my internship at coinbase, I've learn't to recognize the benefits of type safe codebases. This summer has taught me some elite haxor skills like lerna monorepos, kubernetes and kafka. I'm itching to take some time out and build some interesting things I've been thinking about:

  • One monorepo rules it all starter (component library, typescript server with graphql support, ParcelJS for bundling)

In general, I find it easy to prototype and hack things together in javascript, although I have been spending a decent bit writing some python code.

React Setup

I usually kickstart a react project with typescript, and use it with ParcelJS Common stuff within my react apps:

  • A lot of contexts
  • Functional components (almost all of em)
  • Some sort of data aggregator library
  • Design System: I've used several (BaseWeb, Ant Design, tailwind) and can confidently say that I haven't zeroed in on any specific. Tailwind is really good because it can get you up and running real quick, but you'd need to write a lot of react. Baseweb has sleek UX, which is what I use right now.


Fullstack boilerplate that uses React, NodeJS and GraphQL. GraphQL is implemented using Prisma and Apollo.


A barebones backend boilerplate. Uses babel to transpile and bundle code. I typically use this when I want to build a standalone server.

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