Hey, I'm Advaith.

Currently finishing up school. Was an intern at Coinbase Consumer. Before that, worked with early stage startups, largely within crypto.

Probably spend 100% of my time in crypto. Right now, it's ETH, DeFi and MEV.

I Use this site to deconstruct crypto, in depth. Peep my blog, usually updated every couple weeks

In the past few months, I've written about:

  • Cyber Economy
  • Verkle Trees
  • Crypto x Consumer Crossover's (coming soon)
  • Psuedonyms / Reputation on the Internet (coming soon)

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Latest Blog Posts

Verkle Trees

Ethereum needs to save bandwidth. This is one potential solution.

May 14, 2021

Cyber Economy

How would an internet native economy run on crypto?

March 15, 2021

2020 Vision

Quick rundown on things post-coinbase internship.

October 1, 2020

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