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Advaith Doosa


Hi! I am Advaith.


I'm a junior at San Jose State zoom university majoring in software engineering. I interned at DIRT Protocol, a startup founded by YC alumni in 2019.

Feel free to reach out to keep the conversation going.

I spend most of my time building(and breaking) things. Read more about my tech stack here.

When I'm not coding, you'll find me ball, bumping hip-hop and exploring the bay area.

CURRENT STATUS: My living room is now a hackerhouse. Quarantined, listening to Eternal Atake on repeat. About to get insanely bored but aye we got twitter and the boys are around san jose so thats whats up.


I'm currently working on as a side project. The goal is present data from the ethereum blockchain in a simple, easy to use interface.

Chances are you'll run into me at a meetup or hackathon around the Bay Area. Feel free to hit me up if you want to talk cryptos and the interwebz.


I currently work as a research assistant at SJSU within the blockchain space. Specifically, my work involves peer review and building prototypes using popular web frameworks. Outside of school, I'm exploring different incentive structures and business models within crypto.

The Interwebs

My earliest days on the internet were me waiting two hours until was loading(talk about how far we've come!)

I started my first blog in 10th grade with a lot of enthusiasm. Sure, it failed, but over time it garnered about 65,000 views. Moreover, I learned a lot about how to get a blog started and grow it.

I still had a problem, I couldn't code those cool web apps I used daily. This was a problem I decided to tackle over the long term. I started out everywhere - codecademy, freecodecamp, ruby on rails, etc

After a lot of trial, and error, I achieved my goal of technical sophistication to build out what I come up with. Taking something from an idea to a full-fledged product really excites me. It is the one thing that keeps me going.

But theres more to this. I keep learning and unlearning. Working with javascript doesn't help, with all the fatigue and updates. It has however helped me learn faster and adapt quickly.


I've been coding since I was a kid, and love the idea of building things from scratch. I enjoy the journey of building something over the end result. This makes it an enjoyable hobby for me, which I hope to pursue professionally. Follow me on Github to stay in the loop.


I'm extremely interested in the blockchain and crypto space. We're in the early stages of a fundamental paradigm shift. While exploring crypto, I end up reading a lot of research papers and hacking MVPs through weekends.

Why Crypto? It has the potential to restructure interactions on the internet, creating a new way to establish trust.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology lay the base down for open networks. We now stand a chance to recreate much better online experiences. Although in the early stages, having gone through several bubble styled appreciations, I see crypto emerging gradually. I'd measure crypto's stature in terms of growth over the last 5 years rather than since the 2017 boom.

We've seen a highly controversial blocksize debate, the infamous TheDAO hack, and the quick rise and downfall of ICO's.

I'd also argue that cryptocurrencies are catalyzing the usage of cryptography everywhere. It is very likely everyone on the internet will have a cryptographic identity in the future.

Reflecting on the past few years, the community has come up with rather interesting use cases and products. At a fundamental level, open networks will better solve inherent 'trust' issues within the internet.

I also think that the amount of hype around the 'crypto/blockchain' premise is definitely getting in the way of creating value. I'll attempt to explain this in a blog post later, using the example of Stablecoins.

Playing the long game, possessing a ridiculous amount of persistence and willpower can go a long way and I'd like to see where that takes me.

TL;DR - HMU if you wanna talk crypto. Best way to reach me -> twitter

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